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My goal is to help you feel comfortable and confident in your skin.  I do believe our skin is magic; it absorbs light and has a natural glow.  Black skin is very sensitive and needs to be handled with great care. Your food consumption and hydration are important components of keeping your skin healthy. 


          I do customized treatment facials, everyone has different skin needs having a fixed facial menu when everyone has different skin needs is not effective.  

 My custom facial is designed to address your specific skin concerns while leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. I will consult with you to develop the best facial for your skin needs this includes  addressing concerns from aging and acne to hyperpigmentation and sun damage


Sugar Kween facials consist of a gentle cleanse, enhancing facial massage, and treatment masque & complete with clinical serums, moisturizer & SPF.


Custom facials are $125 and 45 minutes 

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